Sunday PSAT Test Prep, 2-5pm – $600 (5 weeks)

Please check back later for our 2016 dates.

Our PSAT class is designed to provide students with the skills they need to do well both on the PSAT and in the classroom all year long.  While our SAT and ACT classes are devoted almost exclusively to practice test questions and test strategies, our PSAT class focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and math skills.  Of course, some time will still be spent on test strategies and practice questions. In fact, one day will be devoted to taking a full-length practice test.

Contact Us with any questions and/or to reserve your spot.


One-on-one Test Prep (Price Varies)

Available any time. Personalized schedule.

One-on-one test prep is available any time and can be worked into virtually any schedule.  The student decides when to start, how often to come in, and how much time to spend in each session.  One-on-one test prep is billed hourly or through one of our pre-purchase plans (recommended), available on our Subjects & Prices page.  Materials provided.  Practice tests can be taken on our premises for no extra charge.

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Note: PSAT® is a registered trademark of The College Board.  The Tutoring Place is not affiliated with The College Board.  The PSAT should be administered by your local high school.