Academic Life Coaching

life coaching for students

Meet with owner and lead tutor Amos J. Hunt to bring shape and vision to your academic life and find joy in your work.

As a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, my approach to students who know they can achieve more but struggle against themselves is to give them hope and evidence that they can change. I help the student identify and clarify the behavioral realities they are working with, forge with them a series of realistic, pragmatic commitments, and provide accountability as they follow through. Everything is based on what they want to accomplish and what they are capable of believing about themselves, so the details will look different for each student. But the basic cycle of reality, commitment, and accountability is the same.

We meet for an hour each week to analyze the student’s obstacles and develop insights for overcoming them. Over time, the responsibility is transferred to the student with a goal of academic confidence and self-reliance.

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