Drop-In Sundays (Updated OCT 2017)


Update to Office Hours on Sundays as of October 2017

The tutoring format on Sundays is changing slightly. From 2 pm until 5 pm, we hold one-on-one tutoring appointments.

From 5 pm to 9 pm we take Drop-Ins. Spots for Drop-Ins must be reserved in advance to ensure we have adequate tutor-student ratios. Drop-In spots are easy to reserve by contacting the office (via phone or email). Availability is first-come-first-served.

The rates for Drop-In/Walk-In sessions are $75/student, and that covers up to 2 hours of tutoring on Sunday nights. Students may stay the entire 2 hours, or they may opt to leave early. The intent for the Drop-In/Walk-In tutoring is to cover homework questions and any questions students may have on upcoming quizzes and tests.


Drop-In/Walk-In Tutoring Subjects 

Algebra I (Standard and Pre-AP)

Geometry (Standard and Pre-AP)

Algebra II (Standard and Pre-AP)

Pre-Calculus (Standard and Pre-AP)

Calculus AB


Physics (Standard and Pre-AP)

Chemistry (Standard, Pre-AP, AP, and College)

Anatomy & Physiology (High School and College)

Biology (Standard, Pre-AP, and AP)

Organic Chemistry

Molecular Biology


Geography (Standard and Pre-AP)

Spanish 1-4 (Standard, Pre-AP, AP)