Introducing Carolyn!

Hello! I’m Carolyn and I’ve been tutoring at The Tutoring Place since April 2016. I was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and yes, that is a real place! I am the youngest of five children. Though my siblings are scattered throughout the country, we are all very close and stay connected by sending each other silly pictures on snapchat.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved learning. While I love reading, writing, and art as a hobbies, my life’s passion is science. I used to have an encyclopedia of mammals and I memorized all of the orders, families and genera. I was sure I wanted to be a field biologist, but when I took AP Biology and AP Chemistry, I realized the chemistry of life was fascinating, and with so much we don’t know about it, I wanted to explore it. New discoveries in biochemistry have the potential to dramatically change medicine for the better.

I graduated from Livonia Stevenson High School where I tutored my peers in Community Service class and volunteered after school teaching elementary school kids to read. In college, I started a biochemistry major right away and got into UROP, the undergraduate research program at University of Michigan. I worked in the Southworth lab and we studied the structure of molecular chaperones through electron microscopy. Molecular chaperons are the proteins that regulate other proteins by finding misfolded or damaged proteins and tagging them to be fixed or destroyed so they don’t cause damage. I worked on finding the structure of the Chip and Hsp70 complex and specifically how it interacts with Tau, the protein that when misfolded causes neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

I loved working in a lab on biochemistry that was vital to understanding disease. However, I realized there was a lot about academia I didn’t like, and realized the real problem I wanted to solve was the lack of STEM knowledge in the general population. I think it’s vital that every person understands science, and especially chemistry. I want to share my passions with the world.

So, I earned a Bachelor’s of Biomolecular Science from University of Michigan Ann Arbor and jumped right into teaching chemistry at Houston ISD, at a school my sister worked . I met my boyfriend , a devoted Dallasite and the next year I moved to Dallas and taught chemistry at DISD. I realized my favorite part of teaching was working one on one with students and watching the light bulb switch on as we worked together. With tutoring , I get to do that all the time! I started tutoring with multiple tutoring services, one of which is The Tutoring Place. What makes The Tutoring Place special is I get to work with other great tutors and I get to tutor multiple students in a flexible schedule.

I am going back to school this fall to get a degree in Medical Technology from TWU, so I can do bench work which I love, without the extra stuff I don’t. I look forward to continuing to work at The Tutoring Place this fall and I am excited to work with new students!