From Our New Latin Tutor, Erin!

Hello!  (Salve!)

As evident in my Bio, I am fascinated by cultures and languages.  I have had the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and England, but I sure hope to go many other places someday.  My travels have only increased my interest in world languages and cultures, as well as increased my desire to teach others about Roman culture and language. 

I have just completed my Latin certification and I am very excited to get started helping students of all ages learn Latin!  I think Latin is fun: I see it as a puzzle. The grammar and the construction of words and sentences are intriguing to me and I relish the challenge of deciphering new words or new texts.  There is a sense of accomplishment of finally figuring out how the pieces go together.  I believe anyone can learn Latin, and therefore encourage everyone to do so!

Now some of you may not know this, but a Latin class does not just entail learning the language of the Romans (Latin), but also includes learning about the Romans themselves, such as their history, philosophy, mythology or their architecture and the geographical location of the Roman Republic and Empire.  No language can truly make sense outside of its context! 

A Latin course presents information about world geography and world history, as well as language.  Through studying the Romans we can see part of how Europe and Western Civilization developed, and through Latin we can see where part of our own language, English, came from. Roman civilization and Latin both provide a comparison to modern US culture, which can help influence how we see ourselves in the 21st century.  That is why I believe that studying Latin is still very relevant for students today.

I look forward to teaching and tutoring students—old and new, young and old—about the Romans and their language!

Matthew Brumit