SAT Tutoring

Home and on-site one-on-one tutoring for Dallas/Fort Worth students.

SAT tutoring for High School students who are about to embark on a new educational experience in college. We have home and on-site tutoring services and will adjust to your schedule and preferences.

Why should I get an SAT tutor?

Most 4-year colleges in the United States require you to take the SAT before enrolling to test your aptitude and ability. The SAT is a 4-hour test which includes reading, math and an optional writing portion. This test has more to do with temperament, time management and resilience of young adults as it contains subtle tricks. The preparation that the tutors offer not only includes the preparation of the course material but also the different techniques that work when taking aptitude tests such as the SAT. The Tutoring Place schedules diagnostic tests at regular intervals for you to get an idea of how prepared you are leading up to their test date.

The biggest advantage of a tutor is that they can help you understand why you are committing errors, whether systematic or random, and work on the concepts that trouble you at your pace. We are available to get you started on your SAT preparation as soon as you schedule your appointment.