Office Closed on Sunday 9-3-17 and New Office Hours on Sunday


We’ll be closed Sunday, September 3rd! 

The office will reopen on Monday, September 4th. We will hold regular office hours on Monday from 4 pm to 9 pm.

New Office Hours on Sunday, Starting 9-10-17
(Noon to 9 pm)

We’re starting something new on Sundays. From noon until 4 pm, we will still hold one-on-one tutoring appointments.

We will now be holding Drop-In/Walk-In tutoring in two 2-hour sessions on Sunday afternoon and evening. The first session will be from 4 pm to 6 pm. The second session will be from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The rates for Drop-In/Walk-In sessions are $75/student, and that covers the 2-hour time span. Students may stay the entire 2 hours, or they may opt to leave early. Students may arrive anytime between the start time and end time, and the cost is the one-time flat rate of $75. The intent for the Drop-In/Walk-In tutoring is to cover homework questions and any questions students may have on upcoming quizzes and tests.

Availability is first-come-first-served. At this time, we are limiting the total number of students in each session to 10. Students will have access to Sasha and Angie, and they are welcome to use the classroom or one of the eight cubicles in the office. Combined, Angie and Sasha can work with the subjects listed below.

We look forward to working with the students this coming school year!


Drop-In/Walk-In Tutoring Subjects 

Algebra I (Standard and Pre-AP)

Geometry (Standard and Pre-AP)

Algebra II (Standard and Pre-AP)

Pre-Calculus (Standard and Pre-AP)

Calculus AB

Physics (Standard and Pre-AP)

Chemistry (Standard, Pre-AP, AP, and College)

Organic Chemistry (High School and College)

Anatomy & Physiology (High School and College)

Biology (Standard, Pre-AP, and AP)


Molecular Cell Biology

Geography (Standard and Pre-AP)