Online Scheduling & Payment FAQs


What online booking provider do you use? We use Acuity Scheduling, and they are a nationwide company. Their website is 

What are the general timing requirements for booking online? You may schedule up to 2 hours before the appointment starts. You may schedule up to 4 weeks in advance.

What time increments for tutoring appointments does the online booking system offer? Appointments scheduled online and directly at the office are scheduled by the hour and on the hour. Multiple 1-hour appointments may be booked (for example if you need 2 hours instead of 1 hour). Since the online booking system schedules in 1-hour increments, a separate online booking must be done for each 1-hour appointment. The 30-minute appointment option is available for Speech-Language Therapy only, where booking is done on the half-hour. 

Am I still able to schedule appointments by calling or emailing the office? We are able to schedule appointments directly at the office by phone or email. We may ask for a credit card number over the phone if we don't have one on file yet. 

What are the general steps in the online booking and payment process? The online booking and payment process has 3 steps. In Step #1, you select the tutor or Speech-Language Therapist, along with date and time. Step #2 asks for name, phone number, email, and credit card payment information. Step #3  confirms the appointment has been booked. Step #3 also allows new users to establish a user account to make future online bookings easier. 

Is payment required during the online booking process? No. At the time of booking, customers are asked for a valid credit card number. There is a "pay now" option, and you are more than welcome to use that option. When the "pay now" option is not used, payment is taken at the office when the appointment takes place. We may use the credit card provided during the online booking to process the payment at the office. 

Am I able to register for an online account to make online booking faster and what information does the system collect? Yes. After Step #3 in the online booking process, customers may opt to register for an account. After the appointment is confirmed, select the button that says "Register for an Account". The system will prompt you for a password and to confirm the password. User accounts contain name, credit card information, email address, phone number, and billing zip code. When requesting an appointment online again in the future, select the Login button in the upper right corner on the main scheduling page.

What should I do if I'm already an established customer, and you already have a credit card number on file for me? It's recommended that you establish a new user account, even if you have made appointments with us in the past, and we have your credit card information on file. We have the option of transitioning the credit card information we have on file in QuickBooks to the Acuity scheduling system. In order to make that transition, we would need to discuss this over the phone or in person at the office. 

Am I able to schedule recurring appointments? We are able to schedule recurring appointments at the office. At this time recurring appointments are not an option when booking online.

Am I able to get appointment confirmations and reminders? Yes, both are options. The system will automatically send an email confirmation and email reminder 27 hours before the appointment is set to occur. This allows time for cancellation or rescheduling. Text confirmations and reminders are sent if you enter phone number information during the online booking process. Entering an email address is required during the online booking process. Entering an email address during the online booking process is optional. 

Am I able to cancel or reschedule an appointment booked online? You may cancel or reschedule online up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Once the 24-hour window is entered, cancellations or rescheduling should be made by calling or emailing the office directly. Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 24 hours may incur a charge up to the full amount of the session. Please see payment and cancellation policies here for more information on cancellation and payment policies.